Diets That Work Every Time

If you are one of the millions of people currently trying to lose weight, you will be looking to discover diets that work, and that fulfill their promises. It is soul destroying when you stick religiously to your chosen diet plan, but don’t lose any weight, or so little as to hardly make any difference.

The purpose of this article is to outline several different options for your consideration. It’s up to you which one you think will suit you best, but we hope that you will be saved the time of having to carry out any further research into the subject.

The first option we will outline for you is the carbohydrate free diet. Probably the best known “no carb” diet is the Atkins Diet; it is popular because it is proven to work, and also, it works quite quickly. It is certainly one of the best diets around. There are several other “no carb” options, including the egg and grapefruit diet, and if you are having problems in shifting that unwanted excess weight, then you should try one of these types of diet. Carbohydrates are a well know source of fat and sugar, and if you have a slow metabolic rate, you may find that a no carb diet may well work for you. The only slight downside with omitting carbs is that they are a good source of energy. For that very reason, it is recommended that you only use a low carb diet for short periods of time. They are great for starting your diet regime. Because it is one of the diets that work quite quickly, many people use it to kick start their weight loss program, and then change over to another sort of diet after 2 or 3 weeks.

Low calorie diets are one of the best diets and have been around for many tens of years. They are one of the diets that work; but be warned that it can take time. Calorie controlled dieting is much healthier than the no carb option, but on the other hand, they are much slower. A calorie controlled diet is often one of the diets that people do fall back on after kicking off with a no carb one for that quick weight loss in a couple of weeks. The important thing when counting calories is to set yourself a daily calorie limit and do not exceed it. For the average man, eating a maximum of 1500 calories per day will trigger weight loss, and for women 1000 calories per day. You should little, (smaller portions), but more often, (up to six meals per day). You should make sure that you get your 5 potions of fruit and vegetable each day, and you should try to design a healthy, varied menu that gives you all of the nutrition that your body requires. You should experience controlled weight loss of between one or two pound per week.

Diets that work also include some “Branded” diets such as Weight Watchers which operates on a points system whereby all foods are allocated a certain number of points. The idea is quite simple. As long as you do not exceed the maximum amount of points laid down for each day, you will experience weight loss. This is one of the best diets and has been around for many years. Weight Watchers are famous for their recipes and meal plans, so although the weight loss is quite slow, it is controlled, and the menu variety prevents you from getting too bored.

What you will find is that there are a numbers of other diets that get categorized as diets that work, but they clearly do not, else why would you still be struggling to lose weight? Low calories diets are ponderously slow and most people simply lose interest. Low carb diets are too tough to follow for any length of time because the choice of foods is too limited, plus you will run out of energy, whilst weight watchers is so slow, that as with any low calorie diet, it’s hard to maintain the enthusiasm to continue.

The Best Diets of those Diets That Work are the ones you can live a long time with. Lifestyle plans work best because you can live the rest of your life eating this way.